Simultaneous Interpreting Services

We provide full turn-key services perfectly tailored for your multilingual events and are able to work side by side with your preferred event service provider.

Services are provided by certified interpreters, handled through our ablioconference platform, available for in-person, virtual, hybrid events of any kind and dimension.

Please provide the details of your event and receive a quote within one day.

How the service works

Tell Us About Your Event

Provide us the details of your event:

  • Kind of event (video conference, virtual platform, hybrid, in-person)
  • Date, time and expected duration of the interpreting service.
  • The required language combinations.
  • Number of participants that need the interpreting service.
  • You can place your request from this form, the instant chatting, by calling at one of our offices or writing us at

Get Availability and Price

Within 24 hours you receive our quotation. Our assigned service manager will remain available for any question you may have about the practical execution of the service throughout the entire service flow.

Interpreting Service Preparation

After you accept our quotation, we proceed to configure our service platform, select and assign the interpreters to your event, and send you the event code and the related instructions to be used by attendees for listening to the translation during the event

Organise Your Event

Organize and schedule your event as you usually do: send us the links (conference provider invitation links, URLs, etc.) for connecting into the source of your event. These links are used for providing the live feed to the interpreters. In addition send any preliminary briefing materials, so that the interpreters can prepare themselves for their tasks

Your Attendees

Send your conference attendees the instructions for listening to the translation during the event

Test and Rehearsal

On the day and time of the event, open the video source of your event 30 minutes before its start time, so that our service operator can connect for a system test and rehearsal with the interpreters and your event managers.

During The Event

Event participants listen to the translation audio feeds through the options that have been chosen in the service configuration. Our service operator manages and controls the service flow throughout the entire duration of the event, ensuring its flawless and smooth execution.

We apply a transparent pay-per-use pricing model that includes the use of the Ablioconference platform, the interpreters, the platform operator and any additional service that may be required.

Ablioconference platform:

  • Fixed fee + price for each language combination and  listener. Each event on the platform is valid for the entire day. Discounts are applied for multi-day events.


  • Charged at hourly rates (minimum 2 hours), with discounts for half-day or full-day engagements. Group B languages: Japanese, Korean, Thai, German and rare languages

Platform operator:

  • Charged at hourly rates (minimum 2 hours).

Additional optional services:

  • Translation audio recordings
  • On-site support, equipment rental
  • Post production subtitling, voice-overs


All prices in €EUR


Fixed fee:100.00
Each language combination:100.00
Each web/mobile app listener:1.00
Multilingual webcast:150.00
Native integrations/streams:0.00


hourly fee – group A:140.00
hourly fee – group B:160.00


hourly fee:70.00

Why Choose Us

A team dedicated to your events Trusted by hundreds of loyal customers from many countries and industries.

Our experienced project managers will guide and assist you throughout the entire process, defining and executing the optimal plan for your needs.

Our platform operator will manage your event sessions, coordinating a dedicated team of certified and trained interpreters, whose expertise matches the specific topics of your event.
A reliable and flexible platform that offers multiple listening options for the attendees and supports any kind of settings and scenarios where simultaneous interpreting has been requested.

More questions? Schedule a call with our team!