Language Interpretation Tools and Services

Executed by professional interpreters.
Powered by our technology platforms.
Easily available to anyone.

Our Offer

Simultaneous Interpreting Services

We provide full turnkey services for all types of events, handled through our Ablioconference platform.

Linked to any platform you choose.

Multiple listening options for attendees.

OPI Services

For your telephone calls and face-to-face meetings.

Create your free personal web account and get connected to a remote interpreter on-demand or by booking.

Interpretation is in consecutive mode.

Platforms & Tools

Use our platforms in self service mode for you or your customers, with your own interpreters and operators, or in any combination with ours.

Join our Resellers network.

We serve clients worldwide, from single users and small businesses to government institutions and large industrial enterprises

Every day Language agencies and event organisers use our service platforms, providing value added interpreting services to their own clients.

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Our Clients

Key Benefits

Affordable Quality and Efficiency
Language interpretation doesn’t have to be so complex and expensive:
We use technology to make it simpler, more effective and convenient.

Professional Interpreters
Technology just enables the service but quality is provided by the interpreters.
We carefully select and train our interpreters, who are assigned their tasks according to their specific competencies and expertise.

Experienced Team
Any turnkey service is considered a project, handled by our team of experienced project managers
and service operators who support you in it’s planning and tailor the execution to your needs.