Language Interpreting Platforms

The Ablioconference Platform

Ablioconference a complete simultaneous translation system for live and web-based conferences where event organisers and interpreters manage simultaneous translations through standard computers, made available to audiences on their own devices through mobile or web apps. It works well with any video conference platform: for live events, it eliminates the need of traditional dedicated radio infrared systems, dramatically reducing their associated costs,  time and resources, and interpreters can operate on-site or by remote.

The platform can also be operated in self-service mode. For this, simply get your own free account at the website and start to create your teams and events: configure, test, and rehearse them, all for free. You will be charged only if your events go live .Rates are pay per use and therefore affordable  Guidance materials and online technical support are always available at the touch of a button.

How Self Service Mode Works

In order to use Ablioconference  for your events, you need to open an account at the website by completing the simple, one-time online registration. There is no cost to register. However, a credit card is required to be kept on file before any  event goes live.

Once registered you have immediate access to your personal dashboard, where you can start using the platform to create and organise your team’s subaccounts, configure, test and go live with events.

You can use your own interpreters or tap into Ablio’s vast pool of accredited and trained interpreters, either by writing to or by requesting through the interpreter configuration page.

The Ablioconference platform can be complemented with our AWB Wi-Fi Broadcaster device, which generates and manages a dedicated Wi-Fi network capable of supporting thousands of concurrent listeners at the venue of the event.

Ablioconference is billed on a pay as-you-go basis, for actual event days used. System tests and trials are free and online Customer Support is always available.

Ablioconference enables you and your team members to perform all operations required for properly handling the translation service for your event:


Create new sessions (the “events”), manage previously created events, and assign related tasks to the appropriate team members.


Where and when the event will take place, plus event requirements and audience dimensions.
The interpreters’ booths and related languages.
The ways your event attendees will use to listen to the translation channels.
The system configuration and its functioning modalities: cloud, local or mixed mode.

Set Up

Manage interpreters and their assignments to the proper booths.
Manage team mates and their tasks.
Configure the translation channels and other contents to be made available to the audience apps.

Test and Rehearsal

Test and rehearse the system, off-site and/or on-site.

Go Live

Execute the service, monitoring and controlling it during the event Event participants listen to the translation audio feeds through the chosen options.

Settings and Analytics

Manage your preferences, your personal and/or company’s data, billing and payment information, and have access to reports and analytics for your performed events.

Join Our Resellers Network

The AblioConference Reseller Program is open to companies that provide services to the events’ industry — the providers of translation systems, the providers of A/V and sound equipment and of course those providing interpreting services.

As an Ablioconference Reseller, you use our platform at special discounted rates; you negotiate and manage the customer contract which will include all other value-added services you are providing, and the customer remains yours. We don’t interfere.

By adopting Ablioconference and proposing it to your existing customers you become more competitive, offering them a quality service at a fraction of the costs they had previously needed to sustain. Consequently, you are able to work with higher margins and profits, at the same time as improving customer satisfaction levels.

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The Ablio OPI Platform

The Ablio OPI platform connects customers to remote live interpreters through the Internet, telephones or mobile devices, anywhere in the world at anytime. Users manage their service requests in self-service mode from their own personal dashboards on the website.

The same platform is made available to language service agencies that can use it for providing a full OPI service in white label,  managed by their operators. Please contact our sales at for our Reseller and Agent Plans.