We are serving hundreds of clients of every size, from small on-demand services to high end, fully managed solutions.

This is a short list of case studies: respecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, some of their names are not published but more details, references and direct contacts of our clients are in any case available upon your request.

Live translated voice-over video streams

Timeless Today provides content that can inspire and guide anyone interested in truly knowing themselves and discovering peace. Their live events are watched by thousands from all over the world. Live video feed is simultaneously translated into several languages, including not often used ones like Hindi and Tamil, and each translation audio stream is mixed in real time with original video, creating multiple video streams with voice-over that are recorded and made available for on-demand playback.

Medical Conferences

Medical conferences are one of the most effective ways to keep doctors and practitioners updated to the latest techniques and practices.

Partnering with their event organizers we make highly technical and specialised interpreting services to companies like Abbvie, Allergan and Euforea, where mastering specific terminologies and glossaries is a must.

Town Hall Meetings and Webinars

One of the leading brands in the spirits industry regularly helds Town Hall meetings and webinars, where simultaneous translation is provided In order to facilitate the inclusion of all their employees. We provide a full interpreting service, where each session is usually translated into up to twelve language combinations. Translation audio recordings are then used to create multilingual video streams made available for on-demand playback.

International Co-operation

Many of the projects supported by the German and Italian international co-operation agencies see the participation of teams from Africa and South America that speak different languages. We provide simultaneous interpretation within their virtual conferences and meetings.

Service Partners

A great number of language agencies, event organizers and technical service providers have adopted Ablioconference as the reference platform for their own services. They are using it in self-service mode, using their own operators and interpreters, providing a valued added service to their own clients’ virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

Webinars and Video Conference

Simultaneous interpreting services are provided to the webinars, video conferences and virtual events of a great number of clients, executed through our Ablioconference platform operating in conjunction with their chosen videoconferencing platforms, like MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx.

Legal Offices

An international association of legal offices is using our services for their international meetings. Many legal offices use our Ablio OPI services for interactions with their clients on international assignments.

Doctor-patent Interactions

US hospitals and doctors use our Ablio OPI services to interact with patients that have limited or no understanding of the English language.

Multi-lingual Customer Services

Our OPI services are used by call centers and telephone customer services that need to service clients that don’t speak their country’s language: since it’s not worth for them to have in-house multi-lingual operators if this demand is rare.