Simultaneous Interpreting Features

Multiple listening options for your attendees

Through our Ablioconference platform we can provide the attendees of your event with a wide choice of listening options:

Mobile app:
Using their smartphones or tablets, on-site attendees download the AblioAudience app for Android or iOS, enter the event code and select their preferred language.

This option is also good for remote attendees, who join the video conference from their computer and then listen to the translation through their smartphone. They use the computer speakers for listening to the video conference and the  smartphone headsets for listening to the translation (or the other way around). These settings provide the best user experience since they replicate what usually happens at on-site events where the original and translation sounds come from two separate sources, making it possible to focus on the most relevant one and to independently adjust the two audio volumes.

Web app/widget:
Remote attendees can listen to the translation through a web browser page, on the same device where they joined the video conference or virtual event platform. They only need to mute the audio output on the video player on the computer while watching the event: all visual content will appear on the video conference interface while all audio content will be heard via the Ablioaudience web app.

Multilingual webcasts:
The multilingual webcast includes both the original video source and the translation channels within the same browser page. It’s like a YouTube or Vimeo channel but it comes with a selector for listening to the preferred translation channel and eventually mixing it with the original audio. It is the ideal option for users that just attend the event in “webinar mode”.

Embedded streams:
Both the web apps and webcasts can be embedded into any third-party web pages or apps, as well as other virtual event platforms, allowing users to take advantage of all the additional features made available there—such as instant chatting, polling etc.

Native integrations:
Our interpreting services are made available within the videoconferencing platforms like Zoom or Webex that offer translation channels natively available within their platforms, therefore taking advantage of our advanced management and control features performed by our operators.

Audio streams:
Each translation channel can be injected into any hardware-based radio infrared system and made available to the audience through their own distribution. They can also be used for re-streaming, encoding or mixing into any other application or player, enabling producers to generate their own multi-track streams or personalised applications.

Our flexible platform accepts the input  of the speakers’ source from any kind of input device, like a video conference, NDI,  OBS Studio or a USB A/V input from the mixer console.

Complemented by our AWB Wi-Fi Broadcaster, the platform becomes a complete system that delivers the audio translation feeds through its own dedicated Wi-Fi network, ensuring optimal coverage for large audiences with  thousands of concurrent listeners, overcoming any potential limits of the Internet connectivity available at the venue.

It can also operate in conjunction with traditional simultaneous interpreting systems like Bosch, Auditel or Sennheiser, enabling the input of the translation audio feeds from one system to the other.

For your live in person events

For your web conferences and hybrid events

Available for the videoconferencing or virtual event platform of your choice, choosing the preferred listening options for your attendees.

Subtitling and voice-overs

We can provide additional editing services like subtitling and voice-over in post production. The recorded live translation streams of your event will be edited in order to produce videos with subtitles or voice-overs, to be made available for on demand playback on your websites or social channels.

Technical on site support and equipment rental

We usually support the event managers and the technical service providers that are taking care of the technical production at the venue of the event, so that our service will be seamlessly integrated within the production of the whole event, but we can also provide on site technical support and rental of specialized equipment if needed, which is usually executed by experienced technicians selected from our network of Ablioconference Resellers.  

Additional services