About Us

We provide professional on-line live interpreting services and tools

Ablio is an innovative company established in 2015 in Rome, Italy, with a fully owned sister company in United States and agencies in UK, founded by a team of managers, software engineers, interpreters and linguistic experts who have combined their expertise with the mission and objective of enabling verbal communication and understanding between people that speak different languages through the provision of the most effective and convenient language interpretation solutions, easily available to anybody, at a global scale.

In 2018 we  introduced to the  market our first product: Ablio OPI (ablio.com), a service platform for live interpreting services which connects customers with professional interpreters through the Internet, telephones or mobile devices.

In 2020 we released Ablioconference (ablioconference.com), our RSI platform for producing simultaneous interpreting services for live events all kinds and sizes . We were awarded a grant by the European Commission under its Horizon2020 Programme and we now hold an International Patent.

Today we serve clients from any country with a complete set of language services and tools which include subtitling, multilingual webcasts, voice-overs and translations, supported by our community of interpreters, resellers and service partners.

Our Vision

We create and manage tools and services that contribute to remove language barriers.

We keep the human factor at the centre. So, the interpreters, the translators and the project teams behind them are the core components that determine the final quality of the service and we use technology to make their services affordable, effective and simple to be obtained and delivered.

We have adopted precise Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics throughout all our business processes in order to ensure the highest possible quality of service, and stringent Security Policies for keeping our technological infrastructure secure, protected and always up and running.

We are an equal opportunity employer that applies special social inclusion policies, where all collaborators are invited to operate from their preferred work place, working together as a cohesive team through our optimised processes and workflows, educated and trained to set up and operate in ergonomic, healthy and safe workplaces.