Over the Phone Interpreting Services

Whether online or offline, on the go, or at the office, Ablio OPI provides interpreters that can translate in real-time from any language into any required  language for corporations, small businesses, and consumers alike.

Ablio OPI connects customers to remote live interpreters through the Internet, telephones or mobile devices, anywhere in the world at anytime.
It is the most direct and convenient solution for the interpreting needs of your conversations where interpreters operate in consecutive mode. There are no intermediaries or exchanges.

The service is handled through our own Ablio OPI service platform: set up your free account at the ablio.com website and you are ready to go.
From your own personal dashboard you are able to  manage your service requests by yourself , benefiting from the different types of service options:

Choose How To Get Connected

You can connect to the interpreter by:

  • Computer – Connect through our online service platform.
  • Telephone – Call directly from your phone, or let us call you.
  • Video conference – Include the interpreter in your preferred video conferencing platform.
  • Skype – Call our AblioTEL Skype account.

Choose When

On-demand, immediate service or book it for a later time.

Choose From Three Services Levels

Get the most appropriate prices and interpreters for your sessions.

Bring In Your Parties

The platform makes the calls and includes them in the session.

Admin Dashboard

Create your company’s accounts and Keep your activities under control.

Calls Recordings

Listen, download or cancel the recordings of your calls.

Online Helpdesk

Get online support 24/7, demos and tutorials.

Preferred Interpreters

You can select your preferred interpreters for recurring calls.

How The Service Works

When you make a service request, an interpreter is identified based on your specific requirements and a connection is established between you, the interpreter and your counterparts.
At the end of the call, you get billed and the service activity gets logged on your dashboard for easy tracking.

Ablio OPI is a pay-per-use service: we apply per-minute rates, for the actual duration of the service.

Three prices for our levels of service, because your sessions may have different requirements:

Standard service:US$ 1.58 per minute
Business service:US$ 1.98 per minute
Expert service:US$ 2.38 per minute


Why Choose Us

Pay-as-you-go with affordable and convenient rates.

Simple and frictionless registration process. No subscription costs, no monthly fees or minimum commitments.

Multiple ways for connecting with the interpreters and your parties in phone calls, face-to-face meetings or video conferences.

Experienced and trained interpreters in over 50 language combinations.

Visit the ablio.com website to learn more and create your account